Monitoring and Evaluation

The Medium-term Fellowship in M&E is offered to individuals involved in monitoring and evaluation activities at their respective employment agencies. Enrolled Fellows participate in three inter-related modules (see below) and implement a project related to the training undertaken during the course of the Fellowship.

The project implemented should be identified in conjunction with the management of the institution and should lead to an improvement in the M&E function of the organization. The three modules are:

Module I: Introduction to monitoring and evaluation (2 weeks)

  • Introduction to M&E of health programs
  • Introduction to M&E concepts, the systems paradigm and project cycle
  • Key steps in designing M&E systems
  • Stakeholder analysis and team work
  • Development of project goals, objectives, strategies and activities
  • Definitions, characteristics and development of indicators
  • Introduction to Logical and Results Frameworks
  • Construction of the Logical Framework
  • Expanded Logical Framework
  • Monitoring methods and data collection tools
  • Types of evaluation
  • Developing evaluation questions
  • Evaluation study designs
  • Sampling issues in M&E
  • Planning for monitoring and evaluation
  • Levels of monitoring and evaluation
  • Components of a monitoring and evaluation plan
  • Introduction to proposal writing

Module II: M&E data management and analysis (2 weeks)

  • Introduction to data management in M&E
  • Developing data entry screens
  • Data processing and manipulation
  • Data quality in M&E
  • Quantitative data analysis and interpretation
  • Qualitative data analysis and interpretation
  • Budgeting: budgets & budget justification
  • Practical proposal writing

Module III: M&E reporting (1 week)

  • Introduction to M&E report writing
  • Elements of an M&E report
  • Introduction to effective communication
  • Audience analysis
  • Communication audit
  • Communication and feedback
  • Managing change
  • Oral and poster presentation
  • Abstract writing