Continuous Quality Improvement

The Medium-term Fellowship in CQI is offered to individuals involved in health-related programs at their respective employment agencies. Enrolled Fellows participate in three inter-related modules (see below) and implement a project related to the training undertaken during the course of the Fellowship. The project implemented should be identified in conjunction with the management of the institution and should lead to an improvement in quality of services provided. The three modules are:

Module 1: Background and steps (2 weeks)

  • Historical background & principles of CQI
  • Interplay between the 5S approach, CQI and Total Quality Management
  • Quality assurance, quality improvement and team building
  • Introduction to the 7-step problem solving process
  • Common workflow problems and flow charts
  • Seven steps of flow charts
  • Strategies of forming a project team
  • Steps in conducting a quality assessment
  • Introduction to proposal writing

 Module II: Managing the CQI process (2 weeks)

  • Management of time
  • Work plans and budgeting
  • Logistics management
  • Organizing resources
  • Managing meetings
  • Supervision
  • Conflict resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Budgeting: budgets & budget justification
  • Practical proposal writing

Module III: Communicating the results

  • Introduction to communication and audience analysis
  • Strategic objectives and communication audit
  • Management of the CQI process
  • Sustainability of projects
  • Oral and poster presentations
  • Abstract writing