2014 Intake

Busiinge Martin Holden

Programmatic activity summary: Improving the provision of nutrition services for HIV Positive clients attending art clinic at Kyarusozi HCIV Kyenjojo District, Western Uganda. ...Read More

Nakato Judith, Mutebi Ronald Regan

Programmatic activity summary: : Strengthening tuberclosis case finding processes in Kyamulibwa HC III, Kalungu District ...Read More

Komakech Wilfred,Olweny Simon Obari,Wanican Christopher

Programmatic activity summary:Improving linkage of HIV positive mothers and their exposed Infants from maternity ward to EID Care before discharge from Anaka Hospital ...Read More

Opio Mark,Adong Jennifer Oryema

Programmatic activity summary: Improving the follow up of patients diagnosed with Tuberculosis at Amolatar Health Centre IV, Amolatar District, Uganda. ...Read More

Ambayo William, Amandu Kadara Zaida

Improving DPT-HepB +Hib 3rd dose coverage AT Mungula Health Centre Iv-Adjumani District ...Read More

Walijjo Moses, Nambalirwa Evelyn

Programmatic activity summary: Improving infection control practices in Pediatric and Maternitywards of Rakai Hospital, Uganda...Read More

Mudooba Moses, Bwire William

Programmatic activity summary: Improving retention of HIV exposed infants in Mother-baby Care at Kakuuto Health Centre IV. ...Read More

Nangobi Harriet, Kabise Salima, Abiria Silvio

Programmatic activity summary: : Reducing patient waiting time at out patients’ Department at Kawolo General Hospital...Read More

Oceng Angelo, Opira Alfred

Programmatic activity summary: : Improving the linkage of newly diagnosed HIV positive clients Into Chronic comprehensive care in ATTIAK Health Center IV, Amuru District - Uganda...Read More

Mpawaliba Rosemary, Mambya Ivan

Programmatic activity summary: : Improving on completness of HIV patient monitoring Tools in Kigandalo Health Centre iv, Mayuge District...Read More

Olivia Wokali, Kasada Henry, Nanyonga Rosemary

Programmatic activity summary: : Improving infection control practices at Buluba Hospital- Maternity ward...Read More

Mwenekira James,Mugweri Joshua

Programmatic activity summary: : Improving accuracy, completeness and timeliness of HMIS 105 reporting at Bumanya HC IV – Kaliro District...Read More

Chandia Alice, Irama Denish Mark, Apiku Lino Paul

Programmatic activity summary: Improving data storage in adjumani hospital records Department ...Read More

Jobua Felista, Adrupio Rose Vuchiri, Onyisia Agnes

Programmatic activity summary: : Reducing waiting time in the diabetic clinic Of Moyo Hospital ...Read More

Arike Joseph Koluni Amooti, Milka Operu

Programmatic activity summary: : Improving coverage of tetanus toxoid vaccination Among pregnant mothers attending ANC services in Obongi Health Center IV...Read More

Medeyi Vincent, Watuwa Jenipher

Programmatic activity summary: : Improving Tetanus Toxoid vaccination among pregnant Women attending antenatal care at Kibuku Health Centre IV...Read More

Sr Akol Jennipher,Among Grace

Programmatic activity summary: Improving Follow up of HIV Exposed Infants in Apapai Health Centre IV. ...Read More

Kizza Dominic, Ssekandi Disan

Programmatic activity summary: : Reducing the lost to follow up of clients attending Art Clinic at Kyazanga HCIV ...Read More

Mbalibulha Mwemerce

Programmatic activity summary: : Reducing client waiting time in out- patient Department at Karugutu Health Centre IV Ntoroko District...Read More


Note: Additional reports will be uploaded shortly