Host Institutions of October 2003 - 2005

»»Central Broadcasting Services (CBS) FM Radio

Central Broadcasting Service (CBS), also known as Radio Buganda, is the "largest private commercial FM radio station is owned jointly by the Buganda Kingdom (51%) and private investors (49%). It broadcasts on 88.8FM and 89.2FM, transmitting on 6kw and 5kw respectively, with an additional 5kw booster transmitter located in Masaka. CBS opened a
new chapter in radio programming in Uganda by broadcasting most of its programs in a range of local languages, including English addressing the more youthful audience...Read more


AMREF is an African-based health development non-governmental organization whose operations in Uganda started in early 1970's. The mission of AMREF Uganda is to empower disadvantaged people in Uganda to enjoy better health. AMREF's priority intervention areas are: HN j AIDSjSTIsjTB, Malaria, Safe water &sanitation, family health, and training & development of health learning materials...Read more

»» Jinja District Directorate of Health Services

The mission of Jinja District Directorate of health services is to serve the community through the delivery of quality of health services, which focus on national and local priorities and promote sustainable development. Its mandate is to over see the curative, preventive and promotive health care initiatives in the District based on the concepts of Primary Health
Care...Read more

»» Traditional and Modern Health Practitioners Together Against AIDS and Other Diseases (THETA)

Tradition and Modem Health Practitioners Together against AIDS and other diseases (THETA) started working in 1992 primarily as a clinical study to evaluate the effectiveness of herbal medicine as an alternative medical treatment. In 1993/4, THETA trained Traditional Healers who had participated in the clinical study to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge to enable to serve as community HN 1AIDS educators and counselors for people, especially the women, who have less access to information.
This new project, known as Traditional Healers, Women and AIDS Prevention (THEWA) was conceptualized. The successful pilot of THEW A project as well as demand from rural districts encouraged THETA to expand and reach out to the communities in order to establish partnership with key stakeholders in rural areas...Read more


UWESO is an indigenous charitable organization founded by the First lady Mrs. Janet Museveni in 1986 with an objective of improving the lives of destitute and needy children affected by war in the Luwero Triangle. During the initial phases, the implementation strategy was a reactionary approach to the orphan crisis as a result of war by providing relief items such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care. Later the programme was widened to give direct support to the needy orphans through basic needs and school fees...Read more

»» Makerere University Institute of Public Health

The primary responsibility of Makerere University Institute of Pulic hea1th (MUIPH) is training in Public Health, carrying out research and service delivery. It strives to help and work with the Government of Uganda and all those that provide health and medical care in the country and to furnish them with practical solutions to problems associated with health
care delivery. MUIPH therefore collaborates with Ministry of Health (MoH), Districts, Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), International and non-government organizations (NGO) in planning and implementation of health programmes...Read more
»» Ministry of Health Resource Center
The Ministry of Health (MoH) is mandated to provide health care to Uganda's population. Its overall objective is to reduce morbidity and mortality from major causes of ill health in Uganda and reduce the disparity therein, as a contribution to poverty eradication, economic and social development of the people. The MoH planned to achieve its objective and eventually realize its mission through the Health sector strategic plan (HSSP I), which was implemented in 2000/01 to nm until 2005/06...Read more
»» The AIDS/HIV Integrated Model District Program (AIM)

The AIDS/HN Integrated Model District Program (AIM) funded by USAID /PEPFAR was founded in2001 to contribute towards Uganda's efforts to control HN / AIDS. AIM operates in 16 districts in Uganda, divided into 3 regions (Western, Eastern and Northern Region) and 6 clusters. The Northern Region program has 6 districts, 3 of which are in the
West Nile sub region namely Arua,Nebbi and Yumbe...Read more